School furniture for the Ragem Primary School in Uganda

In 2015 PS Automation supported again the organization "Schulhilfswerk fuer Afrika .e.V." and made a donation for the development of schools in Africa.

At the Ragem Primary School in the far northwest of Uganda there's a lack of school furniture (desks, tables, chairs, blackboards) and teaching material for the 1,042 pupils. The school has not enough classrooms for all the pupils and thus the rooms are overcrowded. If new school furnitures are bought the pressing closeness can be relieved.

According to the school's wish list the financial needs amount to approx. 5,700 Euros, theroff 1,100 Euros can be financed by the school itself. Due to the donation of PS Automation GmbH the expenses fo the desks, tables, chairs and blackboards can now be covered.