Actuation of turning wings of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

In order to supply the rooms behind the façade with fresh air, electric actuators of PS Automation are used to open and close the turning wings.

Butterfly valves for wall hydrants

In March 2016, PS Automation GmbH produced 150 quarter-turn actuators Type PSR-E50 with a supply voltage of 24 VDC to mount on butterfly valves. The valves are used in wall hydrants for buildings like hospitals, private residences, industries and administration.

Control of mobile airconditioning systems in airplanes

Between March and August 2016 PS Automation produced 166 smart quarter-turn actuator series PSQ-AMS for the airport Abu Dhabi. The actuators control mobile airconditioning systems.

Process control in the soda production

Eti Soda was commissioned in March 2009 with an opening ceremony attended by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Hilmi Güler. 1 million tons of soda ash and 100,000 tons of "sodium bicarbonate" for the food sector are produced per year.

The plant currently has a production capacity of 1,100,000. Studies carried out in 2011 reveal that the capacity may be increased by 50% to 1,600,000 tons of production.

Air conditioning of clean rooms

For air-conditioning clean rooms at a production unit for LCD-TV-screens.

Temperature control in a continuous caster

Linear actuators PSL-AMS with Profibus DP control the temperature of a continuous casting plant of the Stahlwerk Bous GmbH in Saarland, Germany.