Electrical linear actuators for simple control operations up to 25 kN

The cover and switching mechanism design of the PSL valve actuators for a wider range of applications, with more space for electronics and reduced cost. The PSL valve actuators fulfil all requirements for control valve actuators with remarkable efficiency.

They position precisely, are very robust, reliable with long life, even at high loads. The individual components are of high quality and correspond to the harmonised European standards for machines and electrical equipment. The basic adjustment of a PSL actuator on a valve is simple due to the central arrangement of the switching and sensor units, which are easily accessible. Optional accessories are quickly retrofittable due to the unique, perfected modular design.

Our customers who use the PSL linear actuators profit from the unified modular concept of the accessories in several ways: There are fewer parts which need to be held in stock and the training for the sales, service and assembly personnel is reduced considerably.