A big THANK YOU to our suppliers for giving so generously for SHA.
Current information on the projects presently looked after by the SHA – the 2004 results – News from Uganda: African Schools ‘SHA’

1. The primary school St. Theresa of Avila in Butebo County is one of five elementary schools of the Catholic parish of Kabwangasi, which is situated in a very poor region. In the 80s, the area was strongly affected by the civil war. Today 1,250 pupils are taught in this school. A wing built in 1950, which houses 6 classrooms, requires urgent renovation and a new roof. Another wing with 3 classrooms needs to be completed. This will ease the overcrowding of classes and improve the academic environment. Application for these projects has been made by Father Lawrence Ssendegeya of the Archbishopric Tororo. Relief for African School will donate 11,000 Euro to this project whose overall costs amount to 17,000 Euro.

2. 640 pupils are taught at St. Kizito Secondary School in Katikamu, which is one of nine secondary schools in the diocese Kasana-Luweero. To improve the educational standards, some schools shall be given special support, and St. Kizito is one of them. For this purpose, the secondary school shall be equipped with teaching material for Science classes, such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. SHA has obtained a detailed list of materials required, which was approved by the bishop. For a start, the SHA has granted a partial amount of 2,000 Euro.

3. The Kaddunda Holy Spirit Primary School is a primary school teaching 1,200 pupils in Kaddunda, a medium-sized community situated 120 km north-west of the capital Kampala. The school was founded over 60 years ago as a bush school. However, lack of maintenance and destruction during the civil war caused the buildings to turn into dilapidation so that they can hardly be used. But teaching still continues, with around 1,200 pupils attending lessons. It is now planned to restore the existing buildings or to rebuild them. The first phase will cost approx. 43,000 Euro. Once the overall financing has been secured, Relief for African Schools will donate 10,000 Euro to the first phase. This will enable the school to buy materials such as the corrugated iron roof as well as doors and windows.

Our suppliers have contributed to all of these projects to a considerable extent, for which we warmly thank you. We hope you will continue to help us this year so that together we can give support to the schools in Africa, which are struggling for survival and are in dire need of our help.