Accessories Standard

Modular accessories for all standard drives

Diagnostic Software PSCS.PSF

Diagnostic software PSCS.PSF enables the communication between the actuator and a PC

Electronic positioner (PSAP)

Electronic positioner (PSAP) allows control of the actuator via 0(2)-10V or 0(4)-20 mA signal.

Electronic position transmitter (PSPT)

Electronic position transmitter (PSPT) transmits the actuator position as a (0)4-20 mA signal

Potentiometer (PD)

Potentiometer (PD) is used to feed the actual valve position back to the positioning circuit.

Two additional limit switches (2DE)

Two additional limit switches (2DE) allow the detection of the maximum torque limit.

Two additional position switches (2WE)

Two additional position switches (2WE) allow the detection of two fully adjustable actuator positions.

Heating Resistor (HR)

Heating Resistor (HR) to prevent condensation within the enclosure.

Drive Bush

For mechanical connection between a quarter-turn actuator and a valve shaft.