The PSQ quarter-turn series has lived up to our customer’s expectations at best for almost 20 years now and is used in various applications and even in intensive modulating service.

Many applications, especially for 25 Nm to 150 Nm torque, don’t require torque switches in order to protect the valve. Instead of using an exchangeable drive bush it is mostly sufficient to fit in a square bore with reducers for squares or double D. Options for valve positioners and local control aren’t necessary in many applications. Instead, the focus is on robustness and cost optimization.

Our development engineers took into account these costumer requirements and have designed two very economic series based on our proven PSR und PSQ actuators:

PSR-E (25 Nm / 50 Nm) and PSQ-E (100 Nm / 150 Nm)

The PSQ-E standard equipment includes two potential-free change-over contacts which are preset to 90° travel to signalize the end positions. You can chose between two different torques and five different operating voltages. Optionally, you and your customers in the shop floors or at the construction site can retrofit a heating, a potentiometer as well as a mA position transmitter in two- or three-wire technology.

PSQ-E – The efficient quarter-turn actuator up to 150 Nm offers you a price advantage of 20% compared to our proven PSQ.