PS Automation actuators functioned properly!

London. On January 17th, 2015 there was a fire in the Eurotunnel between Great Britain and France, caused by a burning truck on a freight train. After the train stopped at a security stop, the fire-fighting system was activated and extinguished the fire immediately. All of the 42 passengers were rescued unharmed. However, the fire caused a traffic jam on both sides of the Eurotunnel. Around 400 trains are passing the Eurotunnel each day. Annually, around 1.5 million trucks are transported through the tunnel.

This fire-fighting system is relying on PSQ202 actuators from PS Automation in a specifically tailored version to meet the high safety demand in such a critical application. Similar actuator versions are installed in critical locations all over Europe, proving PS Automation’s ability to offer solutions for difficult customer demands.