Heating Systems

Temperature Control in a Continuous Caster

Linear actuators PS-AMS PSL with Profibus DP control the temperature of a continuous casting process. Towards the end of year 2008 the PS Automation GmbH sold 30 PSL202-AMS and two PSL204-AMS all with Profibus DP to a valve manufacturer for the continuous casting plant of the Stahlwerk Bous GmbH in Saarland, Germany. The contractor was the German company Küttner Automation GmbH in Trier.


Temperature control in a continuous caster


High process safety due to maximum availability, a precise control response and durability were the key requirements for the actuators.


The actuators of PS Automation GmbH, which were characterized not only by their long life and high reliability, but also guarantee the patented actuator solution PS-AMS of PS Automation an optimum control behavior, were the first choice for use in the plant of the Stahlwerk Bous GmbH.