Ventilation Systems

Actuators in Turning Wings for Elphilharmonie Hamburg

On January 11th and 12th, 2017 the newly built Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall) was officially inaugurated. It is one of the most impressive concert halls in the world and the new landmark of Hamburg. The Elbphilharmonie is located at the top of the HafenCity next to the Landungsbrücken (landing stages) and the Speicherstadt (warehouse district). The spectacular architecture consists of a brick base and an impressive glass façade looking like a wave. It is constructed on a height of 110 m.


The façade is made out of prefabricated glazed units that consist of two glass panes each. Approximately 300 elements have concave or convex glazings with elliptical, pressure-tight turning wings in the centre.


In order to supply the rooms behind the façade with fresh air, electric actuators of PS Automation are used to open and close the turning wings.


The turning wings have a size of 1,400 x 600 mm and 2,000 x 600 mm. In order to move them, PS Automation delivered 40 robust quarter-turn actuators of type PSQ102 with a voltage of 230 VAC and local control PSC.