Accessories PS-AMS

Accessories for Intelligent Drive Solution PS-AMS

Terminal Box

Plug and socking in an IP68 box

Heating Resistor (HR)

Heating Resistor (HR) to prevent condensation within the enclosure.

Communication Software (PSCS USB)

Communication Software (PSCS) enables the communication between the actuator and a PC

Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces

Integrated Fieldbus-Interface for “Profibus DP“, “CanOpen“, “Profinet” and “Modbus”

Integrated Process Controller (PSIC)

Integrated Process Controller (PSIC) Enables the autonomous control of a process so that an external controller is not required

Power Fail-Safe Device (PSCP)

Power Fail-Safe Device (PSCP) integrated emergency-power supply based on supercapacitors

On-site Control (PSC.2, PSC.3)

On-site Control allows control and parametrization of the actuator on site

Fail Safe Port (FSP)

Fail Safe Port (FSP) is a signal port to drive to a “safety postion”

Fault Indication Relay (FIR)

Fault Indication Relay (FIR) provides a signal in case of malfunctioning

Two additional position switches (2WE-AMS)

Two additional position switches (2WE-AMS) allow the detection of two fully adjustable actuator positions.