The robust quarter-turn actuator PSQx03 with improved retrofitting

PS Automation GmbH is continuously developing new products as well as improving already existing actuator series. We are proud to present you today our latest improvement for our quarter-turn actuators type PSQx02, which will now become the next generation PSQx03.The improvement mainly refers to the design of the mainframe, the mainboard and the retrofitting of the additional limit switches.

This results in the following benefits:

Mainframe highly torsion-resistant
Easier adjustment of switching cams
Increased installation convenience for additional position switches-board and main board (tool-free)
Improved internal cable routing for accessories
Easy mounting of terminals for accessories and additional torque switches

Attention! Due to the new features the terminal layout X6-X10 has changed. Please pay attention when retrofitting accessories of PSQx03 actuators. For operation and mounting, please use appropriate PSQx03 instructions.

For our PSQ-AMS actuators, we have also changed the name from PSQx02AMS to PSQx03AMS to keep it consistent. However, technically we did not change anything again since we have established the metal mainframe for this actuator series.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.