By introducing the latest prototypes and further product developments, PS Automation GmbH experienced a great deal of success with a very well attended exhibition booth at the 4th Valve World Expo from November 29th to December 1st, 2016 in Duesseldorf.
At the booth, contacts were cultivated with long-term partners as well as with many potential customers who were interested in PS Automation and its product portfolio.

Special attention was paid to the eyecatcher PSF with mechanical failsafe function which is also available as PSF-M with manual override. This new intelligent actuator has the proven functions of the AMS product series but with a simpler functionality. By means of a colour-changing LED the PSF impressively demonstrated how the emergency mode works in case of loss of the power supply: an integrated drive spring performs the failsafe action, either extending or retracting the actuator stem. The PSF-M series allows manual override by using the hand wheel. Both series are available with a thrust of either 1 kN or 2 kN.

Two new prototypes – PSF-EX and PSQ-S-AMS – celebrated their debut at the Valve World Expo and met a great deal of interest by the public. PS Automation GmbH developed the PSF-EX in order to extend its latest linear actuator range PSF/PSF-M with mechanical fail-safe function or manual override by an explosion-proof model. The new actuator is determined for use in dust- and gas-explosive areas categorized as zone 1 & 2 or 21 & 22 and meets explosion protection requirements for electrical equipment, equipment group II, equipment category 2 acc. to Directive 2014-34-EU (ATEX).

The other new prototype PSQ-S-AMS is a further development of the proven PSQ-AMS quarter-turn actuator series with circular design and modern brushless DC technology. Market launch is planned for 2017. In the near future, explosion protection will be also available for the actuators PSQ-S-AMS.

Another very important part of the exhibits were the patented smart actuator solutions (PS-AMS) with intelligent software control and electrical power failure backup by super-capacitors for linear and quarter-turn actuators. Finally, the range of exhibits was completed by the proven linear actuator series PSL for simple control service up to 30 kN as well as the compact quarter-turn actuator PSQx03 from 130 Nm up to 1000 Nm torque. Both actuator series experienced considerable product improvements in 2016 characterized by increased reliability, installation convenience and easier retro-fitting.

The Valve World Expo 2016 was a very successful event for PS Automation GmbH due to the positive feedback of visitors and our sales staff as well as the good organization and the smooth course of the fair. We are already looking forward to welcoming you and to presenting you our latest products on our booth at the ACHEMA 2018 – “We care for actuation.”