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  • Holy Ghost College Nominates PS Automation for Award

Holy Ghost College Nominates PS Automation for Award

PS Automation GmbH has been supporting the Schulhilfswerk Afrika e.V. (school relief organization for Africa) already for many years with donations to build schools and to equip them with teaching materials and furnitures.

This year the Holy Ghost College in Sankera (Namibia) celebrates its 10th anniversary. For this reason the school has nominated PS Automation GmbH for the award “Pillar of Holy Ghost College, Sankera”. It will be granted during the celebrations hold on October 29th, 2016.

PS Automation GmbH is looking forward to this acknowledgement and congratulates the Holy Ghost College on its 10th anniversary. Already 130 students has graduated from the college since 2012. PS Automation strives to further support this positive development and wishes the school all the best for its future.